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How to post a blog on (drupal) basic guide

1. Under find User menu header on middle left and log in or request a account from most any team member.
2. Under the Navigation upper left header click on Blogs
3. Create new blog entry
4. Create a Title
5. Write Your blog in the Body box
6. Add one or several categorizes in the Tags Box (Which group will be able to see it
7. Add a attachment if you have one in the File attachments
8. Click Preview
9. Look over the Preview trimmed version and Preview full version and edit if necessary in the Body box
10. Click Save

Playing DVDs in Ubuntu 14.04

Playing DVDs used to be easy just install Ubuntu restricted extras or install VLC media player but at several recent installfests this did not work. Thanks to wmack he found the answer in the links below. Due a legal change you now must Buy the Fluendo DVD Player or open the Ubuntu Software Center search for and install libdvdread4 and libdvdnav4 and/or Ubuntu restricted extras then just copy and paste the folloiwing in a terminal
sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/

legal issues aside this will make it play and work

BigBlueButton flash issues

Why can't I accept the Flash Security Dialog on Linux

On some versions of Linux desktop when loading the BigBlueButton client, the user is unable to accept the Flash security dialog asking for permissions to access the computer's microphone and webcam.

The solution is use the Flash security manager to add an exception for the BigBlueButton host. Doing so will no longer have Flash prompt for access to the microphone/webcam.

To add an exception, do the following.

Project Board moved to wiki

we have now moved the Projects page to so look there for the most recent list of Projects.

Since we have not had time to do a ticket or other system I will post
a few notes here on things that we may want to do/try test.
In no order. Please leave a comment if you want to start/work on a project
and please ask for help or have a question or get stalled for any reason.
move own cloud to version 8.0

Another UEFI Adventure

I recently bought a new used Lenovo V570 laptop and wanted to dual boot it with windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.05. I found the drive had been erased with the exception of a recovery partition, but I was unable to access it.

Step 1:
I tried using the original format which was msdos and installed a fresh Windows 7. Unfortunately that failed. The Windows disk required GPT.


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