CLUG Update

Well, it was not a fluke. There is some interest in Linux and Free and Open Source Software in Cochise County. Therefore, contrary to some misinformed individuals, it is not required that you must live in the Phoenix metropolitan to have an interest in Linux. The third Cochise Linux User Group meeting was held on 21 October 2015 from 1700-1830 at the University of Arizona, Sierra Vista campus, room C165A North. While we did not have the turnout that our second meeting drew we still had 7 people present for a presentation on Engineering Careers in the Electrical Utility Industry co-sponsored by the University of Arizona Continuing Education Division and the IEEE Fort Huachuca Section.
It has been decided by the membership that we will move to a twice a month format following the very successful example of the PLUG. The second meeting each month will be on a Saturday designed to attract those individuals that are unable to attend a meeting on a week day due to their job, class schedule, or family obligations. It is also designed to be a bit more open where members can present problems with their OS or FOSS programs and perhaps receive a solution or a work around. The next meeting is scheduled for 7 November 2015 at the Sierra Vista public library conference room.
We found it useful while we were organizing to ensure that if a task had to be accomplished, there should be at least two individuals who were capable of completing that task. That was to ensure that the organization would never have to rely on one individual. If one individual lost interest or was unable to participate, it would not be the death of the organization. It is something to think about.