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Project Board moved to wiki

we have now moved the Projects page to so look there for the most recent list of Projects.

Since we have not had time to do a ticket or other system I will post
a few notes here on things that we may want to do/try test.
In no order. Please leave a comment if you want to start/work on a project
and please ask for help or have a question or get stalled for any reason.
move own cloud to version 8.0


I tend to be on #ubuntu to help others. Today, an interesting question
popped up, how do I clean the old linux images and headers?

Each linux image / header has its own dir in /usr/src/

Let's start, uname -a ... do NOT remove this image

Let's do a sudo apt-get update ... make sure it is clean

If, for some reason, you get errors, try sudo apt-get -f install (fix broken)

Let's get a list of all the images, dpkg -l | grep linux-image

Another UEFI Adventure

I recently bought a new used Lenovo V570 laptop and wanted to dual boot it with windows 7 and Ubuntu 14.05. I found the drive had been erased with the exception of a recovery partition, but I was unable to access it.

Step 1:
I tried using the original format which was msdos and installed a fresh Windows 7. Unfortunately that failed. The Windows disk required GPT.


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