Installfests 2.0 - toddc arranges free advertising and a chance to win a free car!!

You have to read the whole entry to hear about the car.

OK, in last week's teem meeting I mentioned that toddc came up with a great idea about how to hold regular installfests in Tempe and get free advertising. Well, after some discussion with xHans and another PLUG member that is always at installfest, we decided to do a trial run of 3 months at a new location while keeping the UAT installfest going. Todd did a bunch of leg work and found us a location. He found a Community Center Manager that is the Manager of Computer Training for the Community and has a room for us.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the installfest at UAT as some really good help is available there. The problem seems to be letting people know about it. Lack of advertising beyond word of mouth just isn't bringing in enough people to satisfy the number of people that want to help. So, if we can find a facility that does it's own advertising and will promote the service we offer, why not give it a try for a few months.

Long story short, they (the City of Tempe) sends out a quarterly newsletter to every resident of Tempe. The newsletter shows the schedule of events, classes, etc for the quarter. In the future this will be a great resource of advertising for us so that we can grow future installfests into something that touches many lives. Also, it could be a great vehicle we use to promote the use of Free and Open Software in this and other communities.

Now that we have set dates with the manager of the Center we can contact the media dept for the city to get in touch with the City of Tempe Media dept about getting an advert on the channel 11 bulletin board. Also, we can get in touch with the IT dept for the city and ask about being included on the City's website somewhere.

These 3 forms of advert surely will get us some attention that we have been lacking at UAT. Don't get me wrong, I'm not knocking the installfests as they are; it's just that we have enough people that show up to help we could really accomplish something if we could get more people to show up wanting help.

The facility has wifi. The classroom we have is comparable to what we have at UAT without the computers and monitors on the desks and in our way. The room could seat 40 - 50 without a problem. The building is 1 or 2 blocks off the I-10. All the info is on the flier candidate I have
attached to this letter. Feel to edit the flier or make suggestions. Please let me know so I can incorporate the info into the flier before it's released into the wild...

We now have the room for mar 20th, april 10, may 8 from 10:00 - 4:30

Escalante Center room:
Escalante Center:

P.S. There is no free car