Jaunty Jackalope Alpha 6

Well, I got antsy and decided to install the alpha 6 version of Jaunty on my Toshiba laptop to see how it was, and to make sure I could. The Intrepid version wouldn't install on this machine, so I had to do an upgrade. Luckily the upgrade was smooth. This new alpha installed right off though, and I glad because I prefer to keep my /home partition and do a fresh install of the / partition.

As I said, install was a breeze. Things I noticed after installation: new login screen, boot time seemed much faster than previous version, new theme and artwork aren't in yet but they usually wait for the release for those, connecting to wireless was so easy I almost forgot to smile because my mouth was hanging open (extra nice), compiz was enabled automatically and I didn't need to download any extra drivers (I have yet to test the full capabilities yet, so that may change), and mounting my /home partition from my Intrepid install was slick and transfers of things like Music - Firefox bookmarks - and liferea feeds a breeze.

I did have a couple of buggy things, Firefox wasn't saving my open tabs to be opened the next time I launched it, and npviewer.bin crashed a few times when visiting some sites with flash. I filed bugs on those. I should also say that I used ext3 instead of ext4 for my file system since ext4 has been causing some data loss on some systems.

All in all, I'm not in the least bit disappointed with Jaunty Alpha 6. Sure, it needs some work still, but I think this is going to be a great release for Ubuntu.